Through August 31

Current Exhibit

Moving to Harlem

After 16 years in Chelsea, Claire Oliver Gallery is thrilled to announce we are moving to Harlem. Harlem is an exciting and socially energized community, actively building bridges between its storied cultural institutions and new grassroots upstarts. We look forward to expanding our outreach as an active community member in this artistically rich, historical Manhattan neighborhood.

September 27 to September 30

Upcoming Exhibit

Shattered @ EXPO Chicago 2018

For EXPO Chicago 2018, Claire Oliver Gallery is proud to present a two-person curated exhibition of new works of art by Barbara Earl Thomas and Bisa Butler entitled Shattered. One definition of this word is disillusioned. The definition of disillusion is to be free of illusion; the works in this installation speak to the possibilities that are in front of us as a society if we can become empowered by understanding that which holds us captive and dismiss these delusions that serve to comfort us in a time to come. Shattered also connotes fragmented. The works of Butler and Earl Thomas use small fragments of disparate materials which they bring together in a way that speaks to a greater whole.

November 1 to December 22

Upcoming Exhibit

Norbert Brunner: Imagine

For his first solo exhibition in the galleries Harlem location Norbert Brunner will premiere his interactive inflatable bubble objects. Confronting each viewer with a personal experience, Brunner wants the viewer to address what is possible and take it on full-force and straight away.

January 10 to March 23

Upcoming Exhibit

Lauren Fensterstock: Scrying

Scrying, a solo exhibition of new mixed media sculpture by Lauren Fensterstock. The artist's newest works combine chromed and rubberized shell work with mouth blown and cold worked glass, conceptually questioning the current "selfie" obsession and a possible link between this and past social obsessions.

March 28 to May 18

Upcoming Exhibit

Barbara Earl Thomas: Caught in the Matrix

For her exhibition Caught in the MAtrix, Thomas chose the medium of Tyvek for the symbolic and practical properties of the building material. She describes the piece and the process as an homage to Jacob Lawrence who often referenced African American “builders” in his work. In this these works, you’ll see the bodies descending through space.

May 23 to July 27

Upcoming Exhibit

Bisa Butler: Shattered

For Shattered, Bisa Butler interviewed her subjects and their parents to understand their plans and dreams for the future. The children were asked for a cast-off piece of clothing, the fabric of which Butler then incorporates in the quilted portrait of that child, along with recycled traditional African Mud Cloth.