Gio Swaby: I Will Blossom Anyway

19 May - 15 July 2023
" My work operates in the context of understanding love as liberation - a healing and restorative force. These pieces celebrate personal style, vulnerability, strength, beauty, individuality, and imperfections." - Gio Swaby 
Having grown up in the Bahamas surrounded by the materials her seamstress mother used, Swaby chose to work in textiles—a medium traditionally associated with domesticity and femininity—as a means to imbue her works with both familiarity and labor-intensive care. She upends tradition, however. Not only do her often life-size portraits give a sense of monumentality to the techniques of embroidery and piecing, but she also presents the reverse side of her intricately rendered canvases so that the stitching process of her freehand style—the normally hidden knots and loose threads—is visible. While there’s a vulnerability to “showing the back,” Swaby embraces and elevates these imperfections.

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