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Through November 6

Current Exhibit

Jeffrey Henson Scales: In A TIme of Panthers; The Lost Negatives

"As a young activist, I learned how important it is to have a concrete mission to help improve the community you’re speaking for. It’s not just about slogans and protests. It’s also about improving communities and serving underserved people in those communities, and how important that is. I’ve just sort of been recently thinking about what I learned and where it all fits 50 years later." - Jeffrey Henson Scales

November 10 to January 8

Upcoming Exhibit

Leonardo Benzant: Across Seven Ruins and Redemptions Somo Kamarioka

"The paintings are a type of mirror as they are created from tracing parts of the sculptures. This reflects both the Kongo traditions of connecting to a twin-self in the spiritual world and creating an ideographic writing system. As an alias to the Urban Shaman, Somo Kamarioka is a creolized mixture of Spanish and Kikongo that loosely translates to “we are the chameleons”. On a material level it references the metamorphosis of the beads, string and fabric. On a spiritual level it reflects the adaptive survival strategies and chameleon transformations that occur- both personally and collectively,-as we navigate various systems of oppression. In spite of the trauma and the violence, Across Seven Ruins and Redemptions_Somo Kamarioka materializes a journey of hope, healing and self-determination."

-Leonardo Benzant

May 12 to July 9

Upcoming Exhibit

Adebunmi Gbadebo

“As an artist, I’m confronting my relationship with the color blue, Indigo, and materials cotton and rice in the context of their origins as commodities born of violence and enslavement,” says Gbadebo. “I’m interested in the whole system that produced these materials and how its memory has been treated. Furthermore, through the usage of Black human hair, the narratives I’m interested in depicting actually are the work itself.”

-Miss Gabrielle Leung for Hype Art

September 8 to November 5

Upcoming Exhibit

Barbara Earl Thomas

“Grace is that moment when you have a thought, and then you pause,” Thomas said. “There’s a possibility for re-interpretation so that the thing that might have happened doesn’t happen because you have taken a pause. What you give to the other is that moment of grace, which gives you a chance for a different outcome. The story can change.”

- Miss Fiona Ye for The Daily