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Through June 11

Current Exhibit

Stan Squirewell: Who That Is?

“As a child of the hip hop era, born in the 70s, growing up in the 80s and 90s, I look at my work as almost remixing, crate-digging, but my crates are museums, private collections, and historical narratives,” states Squirewell. “I remix my pieces according to my own way of writing history and who we are as people. My work exists as a veil between the spiritual and real world, it’s a bridge that offers a connection between the two.”

- Stan Squirewell

September 8 to November 5

Upcoming Exhibit

Robert Peterson: New Work

"My paintings and the people I paint will live forever, longer than you or I. Black men and boys are gunned down and dying daily and to often they don’t get the chance to live long lives. My goal with every painting especially those focusing on a black person is to not only change the narrative of how black people are seen but also to make sure that they get a chance to live forever through my works similar to the stories and paintings of Kings and Saints."

-Robert Peterson

November 10 to January 21

Upcoming Exhibit

Barbara Earl Thomas: New Works

“Grace is that moment when you have a thought, and then you pause,” Thomas said. “There’s a possibility for re-interpretation so that the thing that might have happened doesn’t happen because you have taken a pause. What you give to the other is that moment of grace, which gives you a chance for a different outcome. The story can change.”

- Miss Fiona Ye for The Daily