Norbert Brunner, Cool Local Impact Infinite at Claire Oliver Gallery

Norbert Brunner: Cook Local Impact Infinite

Claire Oliver Gallery is honored to present an important installation by Gallery Artist Norbert Brunner entitled: Cook Local Impact Infinite. This installation continues Brunner’s exploration of the power of positive thinking and our ability to overcome all obstacles if we believe we can.

Visitors may sit down or mingle around, completing the “still life” by becoming a part of the installation. The “guest” who takes time with the work will be rewarded; by looking up into the mirrors above, the entire table will come into view, giving one the perspective necessary to read the entirety of the poem; only by looking up into the mirrors can the visitors understand the works as a whole, with themselves as part of the equation. In lockstep with the concept of community collaboration to reach a goal, Cook Local Impact Infinite asks each of us to look upon ourselves and our “local” actions in order to reach a universal goal≥