BK Adams On His Debut Show ‘Five Miles,’ Choosing The Right Representation and Exploring The Hidden Secrets Around Us

Christopher Cox for Black Art & Design
Philosopher and artist BK Adams‘ debut solo exhibition at the esteemed Claire Oliver Gallery in Harlem, NY, represents a pivotal milestone in his artistic journey—a goal he firmly etched on his studio wall as early as 2008. It was a distinct honour for me to delve into the mind of this remarkable artist, where we explored the symbolism and intricate narratives that grace his canvases. Adams takes us on a journey through the inspiration behind his exhibition’s enigmatic title, ‘Five Miles.’ Drawing parallels between the leadership of a male pride lion and the role of a head of a household, he poignantly reflects on the influence a single individual can wield. As B.K. Adams’ mentor, the renowned artist Sam Gilliam once told him, ‘You are working from within again, man – and people will cheat off of you when you do that.’ This profound compliment underscores Adams’ approach, his ability to break new ground, redefine artistic boundaries, and inspire others to follow suit.
September 14, 2023