Smithsonian Visionary Award Honors Glass Artists Dan Dailey and Judith Schaechter


The Smithsonian Visionary Award will be presented to two outstanding glass artists, Dan Dailey and Judith Schaechter, during the 2024 Smithsonian Craft Show Preview Night Benefit Wednesday, May 1, at the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C.


Schaechter is honored because of the incomparable artistry and unique creative vision in her chosen discipline of stained glass. By melding distinctive themes and contemporary techniques within an ancient tradition, Schaechter has redefined conventional stained glass. In her work, her intense colors are not typically painted but painstakingly created by layering colored glass upon colored glass and eventually illuminating from behind. She has said that she wants to “present an opportunity to expand our definition of the beautiful.”

February 1, 2024