More Miami Art Fairs to Explore

Nazanin Lankarani for The New York Times
The artist Connor Tingley, in collaboration with Curren Caples, a skateboarder, explores the intersections between music, skateboarding and painting. The Claire Oliver Gallery from Harlem is showing a monumental (25 feet tall by 20 feet long) steel sculpture titled “A Blue (Collar) Horse,” by BK Adams, a modern-day Trojan horse painted with car paint. And the British artist Lucy Sparrow is presenting “Feltz Bagels,” a novel take on the bagel shop. Ms. Sparrow herself is serving up handmade felt bagels for purchase, in 13 varieties including poppy seed with cream cheese and everything with pastrami and pickles. All the trimmings are sewn by hand.
December 5, 2023