Preview: Fall 2020 Quarterly with Bisa Butler, Marilyn Minter, Nicolas Party, Dominic Chambers, Cassi Namoda and more!

Bisa Bulter is indeed featured in this issue, and her presence looms equally large. That she is one of the first textile artists on our cover is special in its own right, but her concept of a beautiful, time-consuming, traditional craft art reimagines history and narration, declaring the  truth of the American experience in a dazzling statement on the importance of art as a healing tool of communication. Juxtapoz has always been about the reimagining of style, technique, and craftsmanship, but most importantly, a democractic forum, open to every artistic style and status, encouraging conversation in the creative fields. A life of, and in, the arts is a possibility, and sharing that art history is necessary for a greater understanding of our global culture.
August 27, 2020