Gabi Trinkaus - Claire Oliver Gallery

Gabi Trinkaus

As the viewer scrutinizes the surface of a Trinkaus work, it becomes evident that it has been constructed both physically and conceptually to raise questions on our private versus public personas, social roles and the pressure to “belong”. Labels and text fragments, alongside champagne bottles, cars, watches, pistols, and bling make up the glistening flotsam and jetsam of media content, woven into the larger optical impression and allowing the viewer to contemplate their unique role to play in this challenge of a globalized life. “From the get-go, I had a critical approach in mind, yet with a hint of humor and much sincerity. The media swatches allow me to go in all of these directions at the same time. This is why collage proved to be the ideal technique for this on-going surface vs substance vs society series of work.” says the artist of her work.