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Matt Bahen

From a distance, Bahen’s paintings appear almost photographic in clarity yet as one draws near, the image disintegrates into a series of sculptural marks. The works themselves have an intrinsic dichotomy of surface and image; the thick and rough handling of the paint reinforces the brute nature of the subject and the conceptual agenda of the work. Through heavy paint and pronounced brushwork, these paintings possess an analog presence of the artists’ hand; they accomplish a distinct separation from the photograph, which is conflated with the idea of journalistic truth.

October 4, 2018 to October 7, 2018

George R. Brown Convention Center

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For Texas Contemporary 2018, Claire Oliver Gallery is proud to present a three Artist curated exhibition of new works of art by Gabi Trinkaus, Norbert Brunner, and Matt Bahen entitled Surface.

August 2, 2018 to August 5, 2018

CenturyLink Field Event Center, Seattle WA

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It has become increasingly difficult to discern fact from fiction. Voyeurism is in, yet can we believe what we see? In today’s digitized, Instagram world, nothing is sure; one always must distrust. Photoshop naturalizes the false. Any image can be manipulated, cropped, retouched, enhanced, any sound altered, any voice “Auto-Tuned” until no authenticity remains. Reality T.V. is artifice with predictable narrative, directed and scripted dialogue, and post-production editing that seamlessly delivers emotional attachment and pleasure in between strategically placed commercial breaks. In “CelebReality” everyone can vicariously share Warhol’s 15 minutes of fame not so readily found in our work a day lives.

Selected Public Collections:

  • Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto, Canada
  • Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Toronto, Canada
  • BMO Financial Group, Toronto, Canada
  • Canadian National Landscaping Association Ontario, Canada


  • O.C.A.D. – Figure Drawing + Painting Award · 2002
  • The Hungarian Helcion Society Scholarship of Excellence in
    Drawing and Painting · 2001
  • The Sully Corth Memorial Fund Scholarship · 200

Solo Exhibitions:

  • The Curve of the Earth, Claire Oliver Gallery, New York, NY · 2016
  • Introducing Matt Bahen, Claire Oliver Gallery, New York, NY · 2015
  • Ark, LE Gallery, Toronto, Ontario · 2015
  • Sometimes Comes the Mother, Sometimes the Wolf, Munch Gallery, New York, NY · 2014
  • Striking Fire Out of the Rock, LE Gallery, Toronto, Ontario · 2013
  • Gravity’s Faith, The MacLaren Art Centre, Barrie Ontario · 2013
  • The Weight of Light, Munch Gallery, New York, New York · 2012
  • After Wolves, Le Gallery, Toronto Ontario · 2012
  • Run with the Hunted, Moore Gallery, Toronto Ontario · 2010
  • The River, Moore Gallery, Toronto Ontario · 2008
  • Marlow, Moore Gallery, Toronto Ontario · 2007
  • God and Country, Hampden Gallery University of Massachusetts, Boston, MA · 2006
  • No Picture, LE Gallery, Toronto Ontario · 2006
  • Straw Dogs, Moore Gallery, Toronto, Ontario · 2005

Selected Group Exhibitions:

  • Seattle Art Fair, Claire Oliver Gallery · 2018
  • EXPO Chicago, Claire Oliver Gallery · 2017
  • Miami Project, Claire Oliver Gallery · 2015
  • EXPO Chicago, Claire Oliver Gallery · 2015
  • Selected Works, Studio 21, Halifax, Nova Scotia · 2014
  • 60 Painters, Humber College School of Arts and Media, Toronto Ontario · 2012
  • Introducing Matt Bahen and Katie Pretti, James Baird Gallery, Pouch Cove, Canada · 2011
  • PooL International Art Fair, New York, New York · 2011
  • Merge, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto Ontario · 2010
  • God and Country, Harcourt House, Edmonton, Alberta · 2006

Articles & Reviews:

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Matt Bahen: The History That Lies Beneath

Matt Bahen discusses how literature inspires his fictional and moving painted landscapes.

The Consistency of Chaos

Matt Bahen discusses his use of paint as a tool to convey layers tension and meaning to his paintings surface.


ARK an Interview with Batt Bahen

Tussle Magazine

March 15, 2015