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Simone Saunders

Textiles engage upon a search for belonging: studying the Black female body, personal identities, and a connection to Black history. Repetitive ideologies of powerful creatures are embedded as talismans within Simone’s work: enhancing upon otherness and the Black body’s relation rooted in a kinship of power and survival.  Simone creates narratives through cultural mythology, history, and personal landscapes. 

The connection to a global diaspora of a Black community is an important objective, whilst creating works from a craft that is rigorous and tactile. The outcome is a body of work of large textiles that illuminate creative content rooted in a powerful history.

June 24, 2022 to August 13, 2022

Claire Oliver Gallery

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Claire Oliver looks forward to exciting exhibitions in the 2022-23 season in Harlem. Future Perfect features new works by Robert Peterson, Stan Squirewell, Barbara Earl Thoms, Gio Swaby, Adebunmi Gbadebo, and introduces the works of Simone Saunders. Visit the exhibition and see what's coming next.

Solo Exhibitions

  • “TUF(t) LOVE”, Sled Island Music Festival, Calgary, CA, 2020
  • “Duppy Duplicity” Marion Nicoll Gallery, Calgary, CA, 2019
  • The PolyEster Gallery, AUArts, CA, 2019
  • “She” Solo Exhibition, Ignite! Theatre Festival, Calgary, CA, 2017
  • “Desolate” Solo Exhibition, LemonTree Creations, Toronto, CA, 2014

Group Exhibitions

  • “BMO 1st Art Competition”, Art Museum, University of Toronto – 2020
  • “Odds@Ends”, Group Exhibition, King Edward C-Space, Calgary, CA – 2019
  • “Annual President’s Art Exhibition”, Group Exhibition, AUArts, CA – 2019
  • “AuArts SA Show & Sale”, Group Exhibition / Sale, AUArts, Calgary, CA – 2016-19
  • “Print Exchange” Group Exhibition, Metropolitan State University, Denver, USA – 2018
  • “Fibre Fortnight” Group Exhibition, AUArts, Calgary, CA – 2018
  • “Textile: Contextural Celebrates Ten” Group Exhibition, Contextural, Calgary, CA – 2017

Scholarships / Awards

  • National Winner – BMO 1st Art Competition – Canada, 2020
  • Board of Governors’ Graduating Student Award, 2020
  • AUArts’ Fibre Forward Award for Leadership and Community Involvement, 2020
  • AUArts’ Research Scholarship, 2020
  • Surface Design Association Outstanding Student Award – rated #1 by Jury, 2020
  • Barbara and John Poole Family Scholarship, 2020
  • Illingworth Kerr Scholarship for Academic Achievement, 2020
  • Janet Mitchell Award – The Calgary Foundation, 2020
  • Alberta Government Laurence Decore Award for Student Leadership, 2019
  • Meredith Helgeson Textile Fibre Arts Scholarship, 2018
  • Jason Lang Scholarship, 2017
  • Alberta University of the Arts Students’ Association Award, 2016
  • President’s Honour Roll, 2016-2020
  • Jason Lang Scholarship, 2004/5


  • Contextural Studio Residency
  • Ignite! Festival Artist in Residence
  • LemonTree Studio Residency
  • One Yellow Rabbit Summer Intensive (x2)

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